Should I focus on profits or cash flow?

Profits or cash flow?

Everyone knows how important turning a profit is for the successful running of a business. However, if you’re looking to create a stable, long-term business, what else should you be focusing on other than profit?  

Cash flow is the beating heart of your business as without an even and predictable flow of cash into the company, you can’t cover your overheads, you can’t pay your employees, and you can’t run your day-to-day operations – let alone think about expanding and growing the business.

What’s needed is a healthy cash flow position AND a focus on driving profits.

Keeping on top of the financial management of your business can be hard work, but if you’re going to be in control of your financial destiny then it’s important to get your head around the important process of cash flow management. This is especially true in the current business landscape, where revenue may be less buoyant, cash can be tight, and the market is going through a challenging time.

Let’s look at some of the key things to understand about your finances:

  • Profit is a by-product of a successful business – you want to make profits, but profitability isn’t the only goal. A business can easily be profitable, but also be highly unstable in the longer term. What you want is stable and consistent revenue.
  • Cash flow is the blood that keeps your business alive – a good level of revenue brings cash into the business, which you need to cover your operating expenses. In this instance, cash really is king!
  • Know your cost base and overheads – the flipside of your cash flow position is your costs. In an ideal world, you want more cash inflows than cash outflows, so it’s important to know your expenses and costs, and to manage them carefully.
  • Be proactive about spend management and easing expenditure – if you can take action that reduces your spending, that is hugely positive for your cash flow position. Choose cheaper suppliers, negotiate better deals, and bring that cost base down.
  • Drive more revenue, through increased sales and marketing activity – if you can increase your revenues, you also boost your cash flow. So, it’s important to be proactive about running targeted sales and marketing campaigns to increase your sales.
  • Keep the cash flowing and the profits take care of themselves – if you achieve the ideal cash flow position, the business sits on solid financial foundations, the cash is there for investment, and the business can grow. It’s that simple.

Talk to us about improving your cash flow management

Whether you’re new to running a business, or a seasoned owner who needs some financial support, we can give you the cash flow advice you need.

We’ll review your finances, delve down into your cash flow, and will come up with key ways for you to increase your cash income and reduce your cash expenses. It only takes a few small changes to achieve a far better cash flow position for your business – helping you maintain positive cash flow AND generate meaningful profits.

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