Five steps to seamless hiring

So you’ve found the right person for the job, now what? Here are the next five steps you need to take.

Step 1: Make an offer

  • Check the candidate can legally work in New Zealand.
  • Explain the 90-day trial period, if you’re going to use one (only small businesses can).
  • Discuss the role, conditions, and benefits (hours, location, salary, training, fringe benefits, holidays, etc.).

Step 2: Sign the employment agreement

  • Give the candidate a written employment agreement that’s specific to their employee type and includes all the agreed conditions.
  • Provide them with a written role description.
  • If you’re using the 90-day trial period, tell them about it again and write it into the agreement.
  • Make sure they’ve signed the agreement before they start work.

Step 3: Get prepared for their first day

  • Make sure systems, processes, tools, and stationery are ready to go.
  • Plan out their first day and an induction process.
  • Add them to any insurance policies you might have.
  • If this is your first employee, you’ll need to register as an employer with Inland Revenue.

Step 4: Complete any remaining paperwork

  • Enrol your employee in KiwiSaver (KS1), if they’re eligible.
  • Have them complete a tax code declaration (IR330).
  • Keep a wage record showing how much you pay them.
  • Set up a holiday and leave record.

Step 5: Get them settled in

  • Explain your workplace’s health and safety procedures.
  • Show your new staff member how your systems and processes work.
  • Introduce them to the rest of the team.
  • Get their emergency contact details and give them yours.