the direction of your business,
you need to know it's right.





Your market is rapidly changing, you need a partner who not
only brings business and financial expertise,
a partner who will enable you to achieve sustainable advantage.


Supported by trusted financial service.
Transformation through trust.

All of your business requirements
under one roof

The word ”Balance” means more than purely accounting. It reflects the equilibrium of all aspects of business. Which is why Balance is transforming itself to deliver more than high class accounting - it is about solutions.

For us this means working alongside our clients to achieve something more than the sum of the parts. In these changing times businesses are looking for support, expertise and guidance in this very competitive world and through our team and network of professionals we have the people to do it.

We enable our clients to reach their dreams and goals. We do this on a foundation of service and success almost a century old and we are changing to meet the wide variety of needs our clients face.

Accounting is historical, looking back to go forward. It is critical to interpret and know how your business has performed and that won’t change. But in these rapidly changing times you need advisors to supplement the historical performance with forward thinking strategic expertise. Such expertise maximises your opportunities and mitigates risk - you’ll find that expertise and solutions at Balance.


Accounting & Tax

Business Consulting

Design & Marketing


We are not just accountants, we are Chartered Accountants and innovators who are thinking of the future. Working smarter and developing new ways of assisting you is a priority for Balance.

Business Plans

We have developed a methodology which draws on the fundamental concepts of ‘Strategic Lean Thinking’ and can be applied quickly and successfully tailored to any business situation.

Graphic Design

Our creative team is an idea factory which means our clients stand out from the crowd. Our professional approach means that you get the highest standard of service.

Asset Protection

We will assist you to protect your assets from financial disaster, establishing appropriate frameworks for your business environment, and consider the often overlooked issue of succession planning.

Continuous Improvement

The return from Strategic Excellence and Improvement projects is often exponential when compared to the investment. This is because, when executed correctly, the benefits extend well beyond production or service delivery channels into positive culture change.


By incorporating marketing expertise we can develop your campaign as well as how you present yourself to the market. Your leads increase and sales improve – more bang for your buck!

The Team

What our clients have to say

We have used Balance Chartered Accountants for a number of years.
We enjoy working and interacting with them.
They are responsive, prepared and listen to feedback.

Dianne Bunn, Manager
Central King Country REAP Soc Inc

From keeping our books balanced - to giving accurate and pertinent monthly
and annual financial reports to keeping track of and tracking down shareholders,
to knowing and understanding our business, Balance Chartered Accountants
is Te Uranga B2 Incorporation’s preferred accountants, consultants, and friend.

Nga mihi
Derek Kotuku Wooster
Te Uranga B2 Incorporation
Ruapehu District Council have had a successful working arrangement
with Balance Chartered Accountants over the last ten years.
We have found them to be co-operative and professional in the accounting,
consulting and outsourced work that they perform for our Council.
Alan Young,
Financial Controller,
Ruapehu District Council.

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